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A Commitment To Community Health, One Health Camp At A Time

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

There is immense power when people with similar interests get together to work toward the same goals-Idowu Koyenikan.

The truth of these words came to light at the Community Health Camp organized by a team of like-minded individuals from AMTCT, NEHHDC, Nature's Orbit and down town hospitals.

The free community health camp was a part of the weeklong World Health Day celebrations initiated by AMTCT with active participation by collaborating teams.

AMTCT Team members with NEHHDC, Natures Orbit, downtown Doctors and Marketing team members

The idea of holding the camp germinated during a series of discussions and zoom meets between the collaborating teams and AMTCT. After days of brainstorming, coordination, and meetings, the team picked April 3, 2022, for the health camp. A scouting party comprising President AMTCT Rajiv Hazarika and Nature's Orbit founder Debabrata Rajkumar zoned on Parijat Academy at Gorchuk Pamohi Road Guwahati as the centre for the Health Camp on April 3, 2022.

We cannot live only for ourselves. A thousand fibres connect us with our fellowmen-Herman Melville.

The AMTCT team comprising Dr Plabita Chelleng, Rajiv Hazarika, and Minakshi Mishra received a tremendous boost from the downtown hospital's management and doctors. Nikhilesh Sarma, the marketing head of DTH, took the responsibility of networking along with Dr Plabita from AMTCT. With united effort, the enthusiastic downtown hospitals team comprising Doctor Subendu M Buzarbaruah, Dr Nirupam Kalita, Miss Richa Sonowal, Miss Karishma Sonowal, and Mr Jiaul Hussain and Mr Farazuddin made the health camp a huge success.

Dr Plabita Chelleng with the DTH Doctors team.

Dr Subendu M Buzarbaruah and Dr Nirupam Kalita examining the health camp beneficiaries.

Nature's Orbit team members comprising a young brigade led by Debabrata Rajkumar and supported by Ronit Goswami and Liza Bhuyan boosted the morale of each person with their infectious energy. Our most active collaborators, members from Natures Orbit, took the responsibility of getting the banners printed on time and helped in transporting the cartons of medicine from NHM to the venue.

Ronit Goswami and Liza Bhuyan, members of Nature's Orbit.

But the most inspiring support came from Brig Rajiv Singh, MD, NEHHDC and his dedicated team comprising Tehzib Hussain, Subhashish Hazarika, Rashmi and Surabhi Neog.

We reached a little before time, Plabita and I enjoying the greenery en route. The April sky laden with clouds threatened to shower us, however, we received drizzles and nothing else. The rural environment, the neat campus of Parijat Academy and the young student beneficiaries who were present when we arrived was a sight to behold. The rest of the collaborating team members joined us soon. The Natures Orbit members and the DTH team joined hands to set up the camp, and soon the doctors assisted by the sisters were examining the young beneficiaries.

While we were getting to know Mr Uttam Teron, the founder of Parijat Academy, Brig Rajiv Singh arrived on his way back from Rangiya.

The team at Parijat Academy Office

As the day progressed, the doctors swiftly attended to the young beneficiaries and the few adults who had come. The Parijat Academy campus hostel inmates presented songs and group dances to our delight. Brig. Rajiv Singh gave a brief encouraging speech to the children and announced that NEHHDC would welcome them at the Craft Promotion Centre and help them learn various hobbies and skills. Brig. Rajiv Singh spoke on the importance of indigenous tribes and their sustainable way of life. He stated that their simplistic way of life was an inspiration to the urban people as it showed that it was possible to be happy and progressive in harmony with nature. The children were delighted to know that soon they could learn new skills at the Craft Promotion centre.

Brig Rajiv Singh, MD, NEHHDC addressed the children.

The doctors' team had done a great job within three hours of the camp, examining seventy-four people. Most students showed iron deficiency and common health problems that teenagers face. Dr Plabita advised a few of the girl students to make healthy choices in food and lifestyle to enjoy a healthy life. The health camp beneficiaries were prescribed necessary medicines and follow up examinations for a thorough treatment by Doctor Nirupam and Doctor Subendu. Mr Teron graciously accepted the carton of medicines, which the AMTCT team handed over as they would benefit the children. The medicines comprised vitamins, ointments for common skin infections, deworming tablets and tonics that would come of use to them.

We were all inspired by the work done by Mr Uttam Teron at the Parijat Academy as he shared the unbelievable story of setting up the school and its hostel. The children were mostly from remote hamlets scattered around the Garbhanga Forest areas. But that is another story.

One for the album

Dance moves by the children

Our day ended with a fabulous late lunch at the Purbadshree Craft Promotion Centre, thanks to Team NEHHDC.

With our stomachs sated with the delicious platter and happy thoughts of conducting a successful Health Camp, we made our way home.

On the way back, I could not help but think of what Robert F. Kennedy had said-

"It is not more bigness that should be our goal, we must attempt to bring people back to the warmth of community, to the worth of individual effort and responsibility, and of individuals working together as a community to better their lives and their children's future".

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